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Who We Are


Tuticorin District Tiny and Small Scale Industries Association (THUDITSSIA), National Small Industries Corporation Ltd (NSIC), and MSME - DI are organizing, this National level MEGA INDUSTRIAL EXHIBITION. THUDITSSIA is the apex body for the small scale industries in Tuticorin district. THUDITSSIA is a member in various district level committees, formed by the Government. THUDITSSIA is dedicated to the development of industries in Tuticorin district, for the last 25 years. NSIC provides marketing support, credit support and technology support to small and medium Enterprises.NSIC comes under the Ministry for MSMEs, New Delhi. MSME-DI provides technical and managerial consultancy services to small and medium Enterprises.MSME-DI also comes under the Ministry for MSMEs, New Delhi.

Our Association

  • To promote and protect the Small Scale Industries in Toothukudi District.
  • To take all steps to protect and promote the general interests of the persons engaged in Small Scale Industries in Tamil Nadu.
  • To collect, classify and circulate statistics and other information relating to commercial interests in general and Small Scale Industries in particular.
  • To promote beneficial and other measures relating to the Small scale Industries and thus obtain by all acknowledged means to redress as far as possible of grievances of the in Small Scale Industrialists.
  • To maintain a Library of books and Publications and Literature on Small Scale Industries, so as to feed industrial and commercial information and knowledge amongst the members of the Association.
  • To organize or conduct such services for the benefit of the Association and its employees without financial obligations, as the Association may feel from time to time and to receive donations therefore.
  • To subscribe to become a member of and co-operate with any other organization, whether incorporated or not, whose objects are wholly or partly identical with, or similar to those of the Association, and to procure from and communicate to any such organization such information as may be likely to further the objects of this Association
  • To organize, encourage, subscribe to, propagate for and to promote technical, scientific, vocational and general education amongst the citizens of Tamilnadu, in particular Toothukudi District taking all parts of the personality into consideration.
  • To organize and establish vocational Institutes where theoretical and practical training will be provided
  • To organize, establish and to create such institutions and organizations and to affiliate them to this body and to encourage, finance, organize, facilitate and conduct such educational and cultural activities as may be found necessary for the fulfilment of the development of living conditions of the citizens of Tamilnadu, in particular Toothukudi District.
  • To produce, print, publish, circulate and distribute at equitable prices such literary, scientific and technical materials in the shape of books, periodicals, journals, circular letters etc., and any such things, as may be found necessary for the fulfilment of the objects heretofore written.
  • To accept gifts, donations, benefactions, etc., from any person or persons, associations, institutions, societies,companies, organizations and States and Governments.
  • To give donations to organizations or institutions, that may have and work out similar object’s who those of this Association and to individuals for facilitating the evolutionary development of their personality, in conformity with the objects of the Association.
  • To do all such things as are incidental, or conducive to the attainment of the above objects or any of them, including the founding and the maintenance of a library or libraries, educational and cultural centre.
  • To open organize and conduct emporiums and to conduct and partake in exhibitions etc.
  • To open, conduct and run a printing press and publish periodicals etc.
  • To conduct and organize industry and business oriented competitions and to give prizes and testimonials to the winners, from time to time.
  • To make representations for and on behalf of the members of the Association in public bodies, government organizations, quasi-Government bodies etc.
  • To render assistance to members in legal, Government matters, Import and Export quotas and advise members on labour problems, trademarks etc.
  • To open, organize and conduct industry related workshops and seminars for the benefit of the members of the Association.
  • To run research centers, model institutions and to render all such technical aid as may be required to the members of the Association as far as possible.

To promote SSI units.

To get subsidiary from Government.

To Conduct Training Programmes.

To provide Industrial Solutions.

As THUDITSSIA has representations in various bodies / organizations both at Central and State Level, connected with Small Industries development, it contributes its views and suggestions towards policy making and other related of grievances of the entrepreneurs.

Periodical expositions on various industries and technology related subjects are provided by organizing Seminars / Workshops & Exhibitions.

It issues a bi-monthly publication on Govt. orders, Trade Enquires, News Bulletin from Banks and government and financial institutions.

1.Central Excise (Public Grievance Committee, Advisory Committee Member)

2.Single Window Committee of Directorate of Industries and Commerce (Committee Member)

3.Sales Tax (Committee Member)

4.Local Planning Authority (Committee Member)

5.UYEGP (Committee Member)

6.District Advisory Committee (Committee Member)

7.TNEB (Committee Member)

8.SIDCO (Committee Member)

1.TANSTIA, Chennai

2.NACOSI, Chennai

3.GIZ, New Delhi

4.FASSI, New Delhi