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UYEGP Plan members industrial training occasion held successfully on 04.09.2014. On that occasion our president Sri P. Chinnaduarai, District industry manager Sri D. Mayathevar welcomed with all participations and also issued certificates for 20 persons.

Yearly Committee held at Theri road Brahma Jothi Garden, Sayerpuram on 21.09.2014. Resolutions were described by our president Sri P. Chinnadurai

  1. President Sri P. Chinnadurai welcomed by all committee members.
  2. The Occasion had started with god's prayer.
  3. Acceptance of last year resolutions had been read.
  4. Sri C. Naren Dharmaraj read and acceptance of 2013-14 resolutions.
  5. Sri B. Franchis Amal Raj elected to the year auditor of 2014-15.
  6. TIE will be held on August 2015 on single minded resolution and elected to Sri P. NehruPrakaash as a chairman of TIE2015.
  7. President Sri P. Chinnaduarai has dressed to golden clothing to Ex President P. Jayarayan.
  8. Various sports and games had been conducted on that occasion by Sri. P. Kathiresa Pandiyan, Sri. P. Dhanraj, Selvi. Gowsalya